Saint John Vianney College Seminary

Founded in 1959 by Archbishop Coleman Carroll, Saint John Vianney College Seminary is a private, Roman Catholic institution in Miami, Florida. The seminary is dedicated to providing students with academic opportunities both online and on-campus, while preparing them to become Catholic Church priests in a multicultural setting.


Saint John Vianney College Seminary accepts 100% of its applicants. It is a very small institution with under 100 undergraduates enrolled each year.


In the 2019-2020 academic year, tuition at Saint John Vianney College Seminary is $23,100. Compared to other similar schools’ (i.e. Theological seminaries, Bible colleges, faith-related institutions) tuition, Saint John Vianney College Seminary’s tuition is much higher than average. Recently, the 2020 tuition and fees went up more than 5%, which shows that the costs are likely not going down in the future.


Miami, Florida is a great place to study because the weather is always amazing, and the options for entertainment are endless regardless of what your interests are.

Saint John Vianney College Seminary is located at:
2900 SW 87th Ave.
Miami, FL 33165

If you are looking to pursue higher education while soaking in the sun and laying out at a beach without paying California prices, then this college could be a promising choice.


There is on-campus housing available for Saint John Vianney College Seminary, with an average room & board charge of $11,000 for the academic year. The dormitory capacity is 90. Most students live on-campus, but they can also live off-campus and commute to school if they wish.

Academic Programs

Saint John Vianney College Seminary focuses on establishing a strong and lasting foundation through their four-year Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree for new college students, and a special two-year Pre-Theology program for students who already have a Bachelor’s degree and are looking to begin their priestly studies.

For those who prefer a more flexible college experience, online studies is always an option at Saint John Vianney College Seminary. Students can earn their M.A. in Philosophy and take custom online programs and courses online from anywhere in the world. There are also online certification courses that students can look into, which vary from season to season.

Finally, new language programs are also available to help future priests become fully bilingual and truly multicultural. At Saint John Vianney College Seminary, students can take English as a Second Language or Spanish as a Second Language and take part in the Accent Reduction Program or Spanish Immersion Program.


It is possible to get financial aid to attend Saint John Vianney College Seminary. Florida high school graduates who earned recognition as a National Achievement Scholar or a National Merit are eligible to apply for the Florida Incentive Scholarship Program. The requirements are:

  • Must have a standard Florida high school diploma
  • Be a National Achievement Finalist or National Merit Finalist
  • Be a Florida resident
  • Enroll full-time in a baccalaureate degree program

This scholarship awards a max amount of $8,000 per year, is renewable, and must be applied for by August 31st at the latest.


Saint John Vianney College Seminary’s student body is predominantly male, with an undergraduate population of 55 males and 1 female. If you prefer to attend a college with a more balanced mix of the two genders, this college may not be ideal for you.

This college tends to pull in locals within Florida, and the age range is more impressive than its lack of gender diversity. While the “traditional” college student is thought to be between the ages of 18 and 21, only 41.1% of students at Saint John Vianney College Seminary are in that age bracket. The rest are accounting for various age groups.


Saint John Vianney College Seminary is not known for sports, as their focus is on academics with focus on priestly studies. So, if you are looking to join intramural or competitive sports, this college may not be the best choice for you.

However, being in Miami, students can get creative in making sure that they get their exercise everyday. Living close to beaches, residents enjoy playing volleyball and dodgeball, biking, and walking, to name a few fun athletic activities!