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Discovering your dream school just got easier. Find the top college degree program for you! lets you search for college degree opportunities and sort the results. What matters most in your college search? We help you focus on specific US states, online college programs or traditional programs, small schools or large schools, and more with our free website. We also make it easy to request information and free college applications online. Our database includes more than 3000 schools with accredited programs for certificates, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees.

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How To Find The Best College For You

Way to go, reader! Your goal is clear -- to earn a college degree -- and now it’s time to choose your path. We can help point the way.

Your big question is "Which school is best?" For most students the best college programs share three qualities: They are affordable, truly educate their students, and award degrees that are respected in the job market.

Beyond those basics the “best school” depends on your personal preferences and needs. For example, you have preferences about your college’s location and choice of degree programs. Online learning options might matter too. Numbers known as "college statistics" are definitely important.

College statistics describe factors such as a school’s size, its acceptance rate, the average SAT score of accepted students, and graduation rates. These numbers can help you judge a school objectively and avoid being misled by marketing. Schools are required by law to publish their stats. We collect this info and make it easy to organize.

Take comfort in this fact: There’s no single best college for you. More than one school can fit your needs -- and they’re all on our website. Use our college stats tool to make your "best colleges" list today.

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    To find the best school prices, start locally and include online degree programs. Your home state and partner states will offer some of the lowest tuitions for public universities and community colleges. Studying online, you can save with in-state tuition and get other benefits such as no commute and 24/7 course access.

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    What factors matter in your college search? Set your preferences for college majors and concentrations, school size, student activities, student services and more.

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    Take the next step! Once you’ve identified a potential dream school, request information and an application through our website. Keep the search up and build a list of at least five schools. By including at least one dream school and one “sure thing,” you can help ensure that you get into college and don’t sell yourself short.

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