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Wyoming Colleges

Ready to go to college in Wyoming? Determine which college is best for your budget, lifestyle, and career goals. CollegeStats helps you compare Wyoming colleges offering a variety of online and on-campus degree programs.

Find the Best Colleges in Wyoming

Despite the fact that Wyoming is one of the biggest states in the country, it has the lowest population. This is reflected in the fact that Wyoming only has one public and one private four-year and graduate university. However, there are seven community colleges from which students can earn their 2-year Associate degrees. Even though the school density in the state is low, the universities offer high-quality education while exposing students to the great outdoors. Students who prefer to be away from the hectic city life will love studying in Wyoming.
In Wyoming, there are a multitude of activities for students to partake in on weekends or during their free time. In winter, students can go skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating, for example. When it’s warmer, the state has great mountains to hike and bike on. Wyoming residents also enjoy a getaway to a hot spring, camping, and fishing.

Overview: Wyoming Colleges and Universities

Our college search tool makes it easy to compare Wyoming colleges by tuition, online and offline degree programs, and many other college stats. Here’s an overview to help with your search.

  • Community colleges: Two-year associate degrees are available through seven community colleges in Wyoming.
  • Public four-year and graduate schools: The University of Wyoming in Laramie is the only public four-year and graduate institution in the state. It offers a plethora of academic options including agriculture, arts and sciences, business, education, engineering, law, health sciences, and more. The school also offers outreach programs and online learning opportunities for students.
  • Private four-year and graduate schools: Wyoming has one private four-year and graduate Catholic university in Lander. Wyoming Catholic College is different from other colleges in that it does not offer specific majors, minors, or specialized programs – instead, it awards students Bachelor of Arts degrees in liberal arts.

Find your perfect Wyoming college with our list below.

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Wyoming Fun Facts

Here are some interesting facts to know about Wyoming before you embark on your new educational venture here!

  • The first JCPenney was opened in Kemmerer.
  • Wyoming is one of six states with an official state dinosaur in the US. The state dinosaur for WY is triceratops.
  • Cheyenne, WY was the wealthiest city in the 1880s.
  • Drinking and mining in the state is illegal.
  • The Laramie County Library System is the oldest in the United States.
  • Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote. Because of this, it is often referred to as the “equality state.”
  • Coal contributes to a majority of Wyoming’s economy.

Ready to attend college in Wyoming? Which Wyoming degree programs are best for your goals? Narrow the list of Wyoming colleges with our easy-to-use search tool.