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Missouri Colleges

Find the ideal college in Missouri for your budget, lifestyle, and career goals. CollegeStats helps you compare Missouri colleges offering a variety of degree programs to choose from.

Find the Best Colleges in Missouri

With a good mix between rural and urban areas and exemplary colleges to select from, Missouri makes an excellent place for students to study. Big industries here are aerospace, beer, food processing, electrical equipment, and light manufacturing, to name a few.
Missouri funds Bright Flight, a merit-based scholarship of $2,000 that is rewarded to the top 3% of high school students in the state who choose to attend an in-state institution after graduation.

The state is home to 67 schools that offer higher education degrees. Of the 67, 13 are community colleges, another 13 are public institutions, and 39 are private universities. With so many highly ranked universities, Missouri is a popular study destination for students all around the world looking for a diverse curriculum to explore.

Overview: Missouri Colleges and Universities

CollegeStats makes it easy to compare colleges in Missouri by tuition, degree program types, and many other college stats. Here’s an overview to help with your search.

  • Community colleges: There are a total of 13 community colleges in Missouri offering two-year associate degrees in various fields of study.
  • Public four-year and graduate schools: Home to 13 public 4-year and graduate schools, Missourians are sure to find one perfect for their goals. Missouri’s largest public university is the University of Missouri (also known as “Mizzou”) in Columbia, MO. Mizzou offers more than 280 diverse degree programs for students to choose from. Out of five institutions in the nation, Mizzou is one that offers a nuclear research reactor, veterinary medicine, law, and medicine all on one campus!
  • Private four-year and graduate universities: Out of the 39 private four-year and graduate institutions in Missouri, Washington University in St. Louis is the state’s best-ranked one. Located in St. Louis, this research university offers a plethora of study fields to choose from, ranging from medicine to law. WUSTL enrolls around 14,000 students at an average tuition cost of $45,700.

Compare Missouri colleges with our list below.

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Good to Know: Facts about Missouri

  • Here are some fun facts worth knowing about Missouri!
  • In 1889, Aunt Jemima pancake flour was invented in St. Joseph.
  • The biggest can pyramid of 17,575 cans was put together in Kansas City during a food drive.
  • The first Kindergarten in the country was started in Missouri.
  • The Bridal Cave in Camdenton is a popular wedding venue for those looking to tie the knot underground.
  • The world’s largest chess piece of 15 feet lives in St. Louis, MO.
  • Robert Pershing Wadlow, the tallest man of 8 feet and 11.1 inches, was from St. Louis.
  • The third Wednesday of October is also known as “Missouri Day.”
  • Unlike many other states, many popular attractions in St. Louis are free to attend. Yep, you heard it! FREE! Free attractions include the St. Louis Zoo, Art Museum, City Garden, the World Bird Sanctuary, and so many more!

Which college in Missouri is right for you? Determine which degree programs are best for your goals by narrowing the list of Missouri colleges with our easy-to-use search tool.