Advantages of Attending a Christian University

A Christian college is a great place for students to learn more about God and Scripture, make new friends that become like family, and develop both academically and professionally. By deciding to go to a Christian school, you’re choosing to commit to an integrated education that is centered on God. Still on the fence or not entirely sure what a Christian higher education offers? Here are some advantages of attending a Christian school.

Strong Sense of Community

Many freshmen in college often feel lonely, lost, and nervous about their surroundings in college. They may feel out of place because the new environment can be very different from what they are used to back home. The good thing about Christian colleges is that students are more likely to make friends and form good relationships with people that share similarities, and can bond over faith. It’s essential to join a community that prays, encourages, worships, challenges, and keeps members accountable.

At a Christian university, staff and faculty are dedicated to help students succeed professionally, but also act as mentors and close friends that care for your personal and spiritual life. College is not just a place to pursue higher education, but also a place for people to live out their faith with others who are also committed to Christianity.

Smaller Classes, Individualized Attention

Most Christian colleges are significantly smaller than traditional 4-year colleges. To provide some perspective, the largest one may only be a tenth the size of a state’s public university! A smaller student body comes with many perks. One of the biggest advantages is individualized attention from professors and the school’s administration. People tend to look out for one another more, know each other, and can provide encouragement and accountability to their peers. This can go a long way especially for young people going through new challenges and pursuing new opportunities.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some students naturally thrive better in smaller class settings. They feel more comfortable speaking up, and more importantly, they feel that their voices are heard. This is an essential part of education. Speaking up provides the opportunity to not only share your viewpoints on things, but also encourages others to share their thoughts. The end result? Invigorating discussions involving other peers and professors that not only foster critical thinking, but also relationship building!

Integrate Your Faith with Studies

When it comes to college life, you shouldn’t have to pick between your studies or your faith. Going to a Christian school will allow you to learn new things in various subjects like art, history, and science, while having your faith embedded in the context of what you are studying. Higher education should go beyond just preparing someone for a job. It should shape people, and help them develop a positive character.

Experience Life Outside of the Classroom

Similar to traditional 4-year college students, those attending a Christian college will have ample opportunities to experience life outside of the classroom, and in some cases, outside of the country! Christian college students can take advantage of professional internships, studying abroad, and volunteering at organizations.

It is not uncommon for Christian college students to travel locally and internationally for mission trips, to spread the word about the Word of Christ to a wide range of people. This experience can help build essential life skills like independence, basic people skills, effective communication, and more.

Grow Your Social Circle

You might be worried that by going to a Christian school, you may miss out on the opportunity to meet a variety of different people. The contrary is true, though. While Christian students are all similar in that they believe in God and share the same faith, they do come from unique backgrounds racially, ethnically, culturally, and economically. You’ll get to meet people your age, but also people who are younger than you (underclassmen) and people who are older than you (professors, faculty, and other staff members). Additionally, not everyone at a Christian school will have the same political or cultural beliefs and opinions as you.

The beauty of attending a Christian university is that you will get to meet so many different people from all around the world with striking stories of how they came to faith. By hearing these stories and relating to them, you’ll expand your worldview and better understand the diversity around you.

The Bottom Line

Attending a Christian school is not for everyone. But, if you are deeply rooted in your faith and would like to have a higher education that is centered on that, then a Christian college or university could be the right choice. It can provide a positive educational experience infused with a strong biblical foundation. College is a time where you’ll explore your identity, personal values and beliefs, and life calling. A Christian college can help you discover God’s purpose for you.