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Cheapest Online Colleges (In-State)

Education can be expensive, but there are also great affordable online schools available for students on a budget. The options are endless with our list of cheapest online colleges that provide diverse degree programs.

Which Online Colleges are the Cheapest (In-State)?

Studying online comes with the advantage of being able to create your own schedule and work from the comfort and flexibility of virtually anywhere. Saving money is another big plus! Discover the online college perfect for your budget, lifestyle, and career goals with our search tool below.

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Going the Affordable Route: Cheapest Online Colleges

Are you planning on pursuing higher education online in-state? There are very affordable options worth considering, that offer a multitude of great academic programs and an overall learning experience. Here are some benefits of going the cheaper route.

  • There are other costs that come with being a student that you’ll have to worry about in addition to tuition, such as:
    • Housing
    • Required study materials
    • Food
    • Transportation
    • Personal expenses
  • The cheapest colleges do not equate to lack of quality. Depending on the college and what you are looking to study, a cheap college will provide the tools and education you need to prosper in a career after graduation.
  • Save money on tuition, spend more on experience. Part of the college experience lies outside of the classroom — people grow a lot during their college years and it is imperative that students go out, get to know new people, explore, and immerse themselves in their surroundings. Whether it be learning about a new culture at a foreign restaurant nearby, or attending a music festival, there is something new to be learned outside of the classroom.
  • Worry less about debt after college. Spending less on tuition means less debt (or if you’re lucky, none at all) to worry about having to pay back after securing a job post-graduation. Instead, you can focus on making money and doing adult things such as putting a down-payment on a house, buying a new car, etc.