Scholarship Opportunities for Minority Students

The overall cost of college education has gone up over the years, and it has become difficult for many to afford it. College education doesn’t only comprise of tuition fees, but also room and board, transportation, food, parking, lab fees…

Technology Guide for People with Disabilities

Today, college and university campuses are well-equipped with a wide variety of technological resources, services, and assistive technology for students with different disabilities. There are also plenty of student service offices and student counselors who work to make all students feel inclusive. With the proper academic support, advocacy, campus accessibility, and student services available, disabled students are able to excel in their classes and receive equal educational access and benefits.

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Going away to college is a huge leap for many. It is definitely an exciting, yet scary chapter in life for young adults. High school graduates are often still discovering themselves and unfortunately turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate stress, social anxiety, and to even fit in with a certain crowd.

Preventing Sexual Assualt

College is an exciting time for most, because it is the start of a new milestone for millions of recent high school graduates and returning students. College is a time where people get to experience new things, new people, new experiences and new environments!

The Veterans Guide for Academic Aid and Programs

In the past years, the government has put forth great financial efforts to encourage veterans to go back to school. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, it is working. Military service members are going back to school and making use of the benefits offered by the government.

Mental Health Guide –

This guide is designed to help you identify the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues for college students. If left untreated, these issues can surely escalate and become debilitating for students. With that said, this guide will guide you on where and when to seek help as well. If you feel that you might be battling some mental issues or know someone that might be, then it is important to take action now rather than later.