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Best Christian Colleges in the U.S.

In search of the perfect Christian college? There are many top Christian colleges that offer competitive degree programs in different fields of study.

Which Christian Colleges are the Best the U.S.?

Going to a Christian college is a great option for students of faith looking to pursue higher education while fostering an active relationship with God and being exposed to the different values of a Christian school. See our list of top Christian colleges below.



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Defining a Christian College

A Christian college is an institution with a mission statement that offers higher education courses in an environment of Christian faith. In addition to traditional coursework in various fields like arts, sciences, technology, business, and more, Christian colleges offer Christian-themed degree programs as well. They also have various student organizations that promote the Christian faith, values, prayer, and service of others.

Why Attend a Christian College?

  • Shared values among other students
  • Strong sense of community
  • Your faith & spiritual beliefs are important to you and students around you
  • Live & learn from other students who share the same beliefs and values
  • Do good for others with other good-hearted students
  • Study what interests you while integrating your Christian world-view
  • Professors share the same Christian views and teach accordingly so that students can connect well with them
  • Small, personal learning environment