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Vermont Colleges

Choose the best Vermont college for your goals, budget and lifestyle. Our website helps you compare public and private Vermont colleges for online or on-campus learning.

Find the Best Colleges in Vermont

Vermont, the Green Mountain State, is known for its high quality colleges and universities. As for public schools, the state funds six schools of higher education. The largest of these is the University of Vermont, which enrols 13,000 students. Many smaller private colleges are based here too. Among these are several liberal arts colleges known for their progressive student populations, a top-ranking law school, and America’s oldest military college. Vermont is also home to two colleges that exclusively serve students with learning disabilities.
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Vermont Colleges Overview

To guide your college search, here’s an overview of Vermont’s public and private community colleges, four-year colleges and universities.

  • Public schools: Vermont taxpayers fund six institutions of higher education. The largest school is the University of Vermont in Burlington. It’s known as a “Public Ivy” because its quality of education is comparable to that of Ivy League schools. The five smaller schools are known as the Vermont State Colleges. These are Castleton University, the Community College of Vermont (with 12 locations), Johnson State College, Lyndon State College and the Vermont Technical College. Online courses are available for two-year and four-year degree programs.
  • Private schools: More than 15 private colleges are accredited to grant degrees in Vermont. Landmark College is the only school devoted exclusively to associate degree programs and it caters to students with learning disabilities. Another especially career-oriented private college is the New England Culinary Institute, which grants associate degrees and bachelor degrees. As for private baccalaureate colleges, Vermont has nine. As for master’s-only education, Vermont has four private schools. Finally, two specialty colleges are the Vermont Law School and the Vermont College of Fine Arts.
  • Christian schools: Of the private schools counted above, three are non-secular. Vermont has a Catholic undergraduate college, a Methodist undergraduate college and a Catholic master’s university.

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Good to Know: Fun Facts about Vermont Colleges

Vermont takes pride in its higher education opportunities. Here are some useful and interesting facts about Vermont colleges and education more generally.

  • Of all the states, Vermont has the highest number of high school teachers per capita and the third-highest number of librarians per capita.
  • Vermont high school students can each earn up to 30 college credits tuition-free. Vermont state colleges offer courses online, on weekends and in other ways to make learning convenient.
  • Vermont Technical College has a 96% placement rate. Almost every graduate moves on to a career or advanced education.
  • If a program of study isn’t available in Vermont, a Vermont resident can attend another New England school with that program and receive a tuition discount. The states included in this Regional Student Program are Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.
  • The idea of college electives stems from the work of George Perkins Marsh and John Dewey, two educators and researchers affiliated with Vermont.
  • The smallest college in Vermont, Sterling College, has just 98 students. Their focus is environmental studies.

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