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Michigan Colleges

Find the ideal college in Michigan for your budget, lifestyle, and career goals. Our website helps you compare Michigan colleges offering a variety of degree programs to choose from.

Find the Best Colleges in Michigan

In addition to the traditional community colleges and public and private 4-year universities, Michigan also offers ESL programs to welcome international students and fit their needs. Many of these programs are scattered throughout the state, so they are readily available to students of all ages studying in different cities. Students here love the football scene, and on the weekends, enjoy frequenting the numerous parks available to picnic with friends or walk their dogs.
Michigan is an excellent state to study law and medicine, as it has five schools dedicated to each field! Of course, students have the option of exploring other academic courses offered at the universities here as well.

A Look at Michigan Colleges and Universities

Our college search tool makes it easy to compare colleges in Michigan by tuition, degree program types, and many other college stats. Here’s an overview to help with your search.

  • Community colleges: Two-year associate degrees are available through 33 community colleges in Michigan. Out of these 33, 3 are four-year institutions that offer the community college function.
  • Public four-year and graduate schools: Michigan is home to 15 outstanding schools. Whether you’re looking to partake in research, study engineering, or work on the next science or manufacturing advancements, there are degree programs available for students of various goals. Some great choices include but are not limited to: University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan State University, and Central Michigan University.
  • Private four-year and graduate universities: There are 54 private universities in the state. A popular one is the University of Detroit Mercy, with a student body of 3,900 students and an average tuition fee of just over $37,000. The most expensive university among these 54 is Kalamazoo College, with an average in-state tuition of over $40,500.

Check out our list of top Michigan schools below.

Rank School Name City State Net Cost School Level Retention Rate Distance Learning
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Did You Know? Fascinating Facts about Michigan

Did you know about these fascinating facts about Michigan?

  • Caro is the biggest village of Michigan.
  • While most states get 5 cents back for every recycled can, Michigan gets 10 cents back, which is the highest payback rate in the US.
  • The first outdoor shopping mall was the Kalamazoo Mall opened in the United States.
  • University of Michigan’s original name was Catholepistemiad. Can you imagine what it would be like chanting this at every football game?
  • The first agricultural college in the country was Michigan State University.
  • The modern 2-day weekend on Saturdays and Sundays originated in Michigan, from the days of the Michigan Labor Movement, when Henry Ford would give his workers 2 days to rest after a long week of work.
  • Michigan is the home of GM, Chrysler, and Ford automobile.

The options are endless! Determine which degree programs are best for your goals by narrowing the list of Michigan colleges with our easy-to-use search tool.