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New Mexico Colleges

Discover New Mexico’s best college values! Compare tuitions, admission rates and other stats for public and private schools statewide.

Find the Best Colleges in New Mexico

New Mexico has a few “best colleges” for everyone. New Mexico’s selection of two-year and four-year schools includes a military institute, nine community colleges, eight public universities, a Navajo tribal university, three graduate schools focused on health and mental health, and a wide range of secular and religious private colleges.
A few of the colleges are designed especially for Native American students. Several New Mexico colleges are devoted to the visual arts.
Traveling isn’t required; most New Mexico colleges offer distance learning. But which programs fit your goals and budget? Find your best options with our free college search tool.

New Mexico College Overview

Here’s an overview of the New Mexico college landscape to help with your search.

  • New Mexico colleges are low priced for in-state students; annual tuition is under $7000 at public universities. Out-of-state students could pay three times as much. For community colleges in New Mexico you might only pay about $2000/year for tuition.
  • Online learning in New Mexico meets the needs of rural residents, military members and others seeking extra-convenient schooling. Look for online degree programs from New Mexico’s major public universities, community colleges and private schools.
  • Additional opportunities call from out of state. Residents of New Mexico can pay the in-state tuition at many public colleges in Colorado. They’re also eligible for tuition discounts in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Build your list of best New Mexico colleges with our search tool below.

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About Living in New Mexico: Fun Facts & Statistics

  • New Mexico often has America’s highest concentration of PhDs. That’s explained by its overall low population mixed with many universities, the aerospace industry and federally-funded research facilities.
  • New Mexico is the driest state in the US. Even so, here you can go whitewater rafting, boating and scuba diving. The state is dotted with picturesque lakes and is home to the mighty Rio Grande, the fourth-longest river in the US. New Mexico also has seven US National Forests.
  • Do you speak Spanglish? New Mexico has a bilingual culture and about 30% of residents speak Spanish at home. Almost half of New Mexicans identify as Hispanic and many are descended from Spanish colonists. In a few isolated rural communities, locals speak a 16th-century version of Spanish brought to the Americas by conquistadors.
  • New Mexico has several towns considered artistic havens. Artists from across America have relocated to the state and concentrated in areas such as Madrid, Las Cruces and Silver City. The communities have become rich cultural centers and popular road trip destinations.
  • New Mexico is an affordable housing state. Although some cities such as Santa Fe have above-average costs of living, they also have living wage ordinances and overall low unemployment rates. In most New Mexico counties the median home price is between $50,000 and $200,000.
  • Commute times are low. According to census data, driving to campus or work takes 21 minutes for the average New Mexico resident.