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Step up with a Nevada college degree! Find the best Nevada college programs for two-year degrees, four-year degrees and graduate education.

Find the Best Colleges in Nevada

Ready for a bachelor degree? Three public schools in Nevada offer four-year degree programs. The oldest is the University of Nevada, which was founded in Reno in 1874. The University of Nevada in Las Vegas opened next in 1957. The state’s third four-year college, Nevada State College, opened in the Las Vegas metropolitan area in 2002.

For two-year associate degrees Nevada has four community colleges. Truckee Meadows Community College serves the Reno area, Great Basin College serves northeastern Nevada, and Western Nevada College serves students in the northwest. The fourth school, the College of Southern Nevada, is the third-largest community college in the US.

Geography might not matter; the public colleges and most private Nevada colleges offer online learning. Find your best options statewide with our college stats search tool. For a more comprehensive list of non-Nevada colleges, start here.

Nevada College Overview

Here’s a wide-angle view of the college landscape to help with your search.

  • Nevada colleges are low priced for in-state students. At UNLV, for example, undergrads pay less than $5500/year for tuition. For community colleges in Nevada a resident can expect to pay less than $3000/year for tuition. Prices for two-year and four-year programs are up to three times higher for out-of-state residents.
  • Online learning tends to be strong in sparsely populated states, and Nevada is a fine example. Look for online degree programs from Nevada’s public universities, community colleges and private schools.
  • Study across state lines in person or online. Besides getting special rates for in-state schools, Nevada residents can get tuition deals at more than 150 out of state colleges through the Western Undergraduate Exchange. Choose from some of the best colleges in California, Colorado and other western states.

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About Nevada: Fun Facts & Statistics

  • No taxes! Nevada is one of just seven states that doesn’t charge a personal income tax.
  • Nevada is actually America’s largest producer of gold, yet somehow California is “The Golden State.” One Nevada nickname though is “The Silver State.” It dates back to the discovery of a large silver mine in the 1800s.
  • The state is named after the Sierra Nevada Mountains and has hundreds of mountain ranges. The shortest ranges are about ten miles long. The longest ranges exceed 100 miles.
  • Nevada has especially stark contrasts between urban and rural areas. Las Vegas and other cities are densely populated, but 87% of state land is largely undeveloped and is owned by the ederal Government… And wherever you see cattle, they probably have the right of way.
  • Many people associate Nevada with a hot desert climate but winter temperatures are often below freezing. Nevada also has snowfall in the mountains for about six months every year, and it as a mountain glacier too.
  • Geography is funny… Reno is farther west than Los Angeles.
  • Love to camp? Nevada is a mecca for campers. With most of the land being federally owned, you’re allowed to camp out for free in many areas. Nevada is also home to America’s largest “instant city” in the form of Burning Man. Every August an empty desert becomes a temporary town of 60,000 built by participants in the Burning Man counterculture art festival.
  • The cost of living in Nevada is about average when compared with living in all other US states.