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Lowest In-State Cost Washington Colleges

Find the best college programs in Washington State! Study online or in person at a school that fits your lifestyle. Our database includes two-year and four-year Washington colleges for traditional students and for adults heading back to school.

List of Washington Colleges with the Lowest In-State Cost

Prospective college students in Washington have to prepare to pay for a lot of hefty expenses. While tuition is the main expense to cover, there are also others to consider, such as food, transportation, rent, utilities, school supplies, and personal expenses. With that said, students may want to opt for a college offering the lowest in-state cost overall. To help you decide on which school to attend, we have created a list of colleges in Washington boasting the lowest in-state costs. Check it out below to see which one will best fit your financial situation and career goals.

Rank School Name City State Net Cost School Level Retention Rate In-State Cost
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