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Lowest In-State Cost New Hampshire Colleges

Discover the perfect college in New Hampshire for your budget, lifestyle, and career goals. Our website helps you compare New Hampshire colleges offering a variety of traditional and online degree programs to choose from.

List of New Hampshire Colleges with the Lowest In-State Cost

On a tight budget? Not to worry. You can still get a quality education in New Hampshire -- and as an in-state student, you'll even be able to take advantage of reduced costs. Saving as much money as possible during your college years will give you more financial freedom later on. Depending on where you live and choose to attend college in the state, the costs will differ. That is why we have put together a list of the state's colleges offering the lowest in-state costs to help you determine which one will best suit you. Browse through it below and start narrowing down your options!

Rank School Name City State Net Cost School Level Retention Rate In-State Cost
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