Find the Best Colleges in Hawaii

Hawaii has relatively few colleges, so researching all the in-state options won’t take you long. Most college students in Hawaii are enrolled in the University of Hawaii System. The UH System includes a main research university in Manoa, college campuses across six islands, and three community colleges. Several accredited private colleges are on the islands too. Three are religious (one is a seminary) and two are secular.
Ready to fly? Hawaii residents can attend certain out-of-state schools at just 1.5 times the in-state price. You can choose from more than 150 colleges in California, Oregon and other states in the Western Undergraduate Exchange. The tuition discounts also apply for online degree programs.

A Look at Hawaii Colleges & Universities

  • Distance learning is big in Hawaii. The University of Hawaii alone offers dozens of online degree programs ranging from accounting to nursing, psychology and special education. Private colleges in Hawaii have online programs too, plus students can of course study through programs delivered from the mainland US.
  • Public four-year colleges are relatively affordable for Hawaii residents. Depending on the school, tuition ranges from about $3500 to $5500/year for in-state students. For out-of-state students Hawaii college tuition can top $15,000/year.
  • Hawaii community college programs are available online and on campus. If you stay at home instead of moving to campus housing, then full-time schooling can cost less than $3000/year. About 76 percent of Hawaii community college students receive financial aid for school.
  • Out-of-state colleges are made cheaper through the Western Undergraduate Exchange. Residents of Hawaii, Alaska and other western states can attend many of each other’s public colleges and universities at reduced costs. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is also a participant in the student exchange.

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