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Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State,” is a prime location for many students looking to pursue a higher education, particularly international students. Many study in Florida at a high-quality institution for a fraction of the price students may pay in other states.
Local or interational, there are great benefits to studying in Florida. Compared to other states in the United States, Florida is ranked #6 with the most international students enrolled in college, encouraging a diverse student body. As a rapidly developing state, Florida colleges & universities are supported by a diversified economy. Many of these subject areas are tied in with Florida’s economy, which includes strong focus on tourism, international trade, and agriculture. Whatever your career goal is, Florida has a multitude of community colleges, public and private four-year and graduate institutions, as well as specialized schools for you to choose from.

Compare Florida Colleges and Universities

Our college search tool makes it easy to compare Florida colleges by tuition, online and offline degree programs, and many other college stats. Here’s an overview to help with your search.
Community colleges: Two-year associate degrees are available through more than a dozen community colleges in Florida.

  • Public four-year and graduate schools: Florida’s public universities are located throughout the state, especially in major urban centers. The University of Florida, Miami Dade College, and Valencia College are some 4-year public colleges located in mid-to-large sized cities in the state. While all of these offer bachelor degrees, only University of Florida awards graduate degrees.
  • Private four-year and graduate schools: PCUF (Private College and Universities of Florida) is an organization consisting of 22 of the most prestigious private schools in the state. PCUF schools offer curriculum in various fields such as art, aviation, nursing, engineering, sciences, and liberal arts, to name a few.
  • Specialized colleges: Looking for a college that offers specialized coursework? Florida has a variety of schools that allow students to fulfill their goals efficiently by focusing on classes of interest. Some featured trade schools include but are not limited to Keiser University with 16 campuses in the state, The Art Institute of Tampa, and Florida Career College, with 10 locations.

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