Eureka College: Creating Future Leaders

Leadership is an important quality to have in college, the workplace, and life in general! It is what enables individuals to create their own opportunities by serving others. At Eureka College in central Illinois, students not only experience quality living and learning, but also academic responsibilities with programs outside of the classroom. Starting early in developing well-rounded young minds provides a strong foundation for strong leaders.

Eureka College’s History

Originally founded by abolitionists from Kentucky affiliated with a religious movement called the Christian Church, Eureka is known for its commitment to providing young people with a liberal education infused with values as a basis for leadership. In 1855, the college became first in the state and third in the nation to admit both men and women on an equal basis! Today, the institution continues to encourage the development of intellect, character, and technical competence with emphasis on leadership and service.

Alumni from Eureka have generally had fruitful careers in a variety of fields like the arts, management, business, and education, to name a few. Many also enjoy participating in community service when not working. Graduates include 42 college presidents, former President Ronald Reagan (class of 1932!), 7 governors and members of Congress, and a Nobel Laureate team member.

Eureka’s Unique Leadership-Driven College Experience

With only about 567 undergraduate students, Eureka can afford to have small class sizes of about 15 students per class and a student-faculty ratio of 12:1. This means more personalized, one-on-one attention, and learning. Smaller class sizes can be more conducive to comfortable learning and creativity for many. Larger classes at traditional colleges don’t give students and professors the opportunity to really get to know one another quite like smaller classes do. Students are more likely to speak up and participate in class discussions in a small classroom environment. A more active style of learning where students often take initiative encourages leadership development.

Eureka knows that college is a lot more than just passing tests and attending class. So, the college motivates its students to interact with each other through activities like theatre, student government, music, and athletics. There are even opportunities for students to initiate their own activities or organizations under specific guidelines! Eureka is able to offer every student the chance to become a leader in his or her desired field of work or recreation. As a result, well-rounded graduates are able to better contribute to society in roles of leadership.

What’s In the Future?

Looking to attend a college where faculty are able to create a more personalized learning experience in small classroom settings, and graduate as a strong leader? Visit Eureka College and see how this institution nurtures so many successful leaders. Explore the beautiful grounds, meet respected faculty, and review their impressive roster of alums while you are there. Picture yourself at Eureka, taking the lead in beginning your bright future!