Find the Best Colleges in Connecticut

It’s a small state, yet Connecticut features more than 100 accredited schools of higher education. The Connecticut college and university list includes something for everyone: There are highly ranked public universities; community and career colleges in every major city; a prestigious Ivy League university; one military academy; and many impressive private schools for secular and Christian-influenced education.
Discounts on out-of-state community colleges, four-year colleges and universities in New England are available to Connecticut residents through the Regional Student Program. This program includes many public institutions in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Compare Connecticut Colleges and Universities

Our college search tool makes it easy to compare Connecticut colleges by tuition, online and offline degree programs, and many other college stats. Here’s an overview to help with your search.
Community colleges: Two-year associate degrees are available through more than a dozen community colleges and universities in Connecticut. Most of these schools are public.

  • Public four-year and graduate schools: Connecticut has four public universities named by location: Central, Eastern, Southern and Western State University. Altogether they offer undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 160 subject areas. Additionally the University of Connecticut has six regional campuses.
  • Private four-year and graduate schools: The most prestigious private school in Connecticut is Yale University. The list of private Connecticut colleges and universities also includes institutes for fine arts, liberal arts colleges and Christian colleges.
  • Military Academy: The federally run United States Coast Guard Academy is located in New London, Connecticut.

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