Importance of College Education: Why it is Important to go to College

You are approaching high school graduation and wondering what’s in store next. Sure, the thought of going straight into the workforce to immediately generate an income sounds exciting. But have you considered furthering your studies to expand your earning potential within today’s economy? While higher education may easily be one of the largest expenses you will face in your lifetime, attending college provides opportunities for graduates that may not be as widespread for those without a university degree.

Did You Know?: According to the U.S. Department of Education college graduates with a bachelor’s degree typically earn 66 percent more than those with only a high school diploma, and are also far less likely to face unemployment.

Why Consider Going to College?

The biggest advantage of going to college is the gateway to increased opportunity. We aren’t just talking about more work opportunities after graduation, but also the endless possibilities of making new connections that may become of value to you for life, the benefits of gaining knowledge, the encouragement of discovering new passions, and so much more!

Make Valuable Connections

Attending college gives you the opportunity to meet new people of different backgrounds with unique interests, increasing your chances of connecting with people in your potential career field. Knowing the right people can take you far in life! You never know who is going to help you land your dream job, or connect you with the right person who will.

Some ways you can expand your network in college is by becoming a part of clubs that align with your interests, playing sports, or volunteering for an organization. Joining a sorority or a fraternity is also a surefire way to meet some close friends for many. You could even pick up an internship or part-time job on or off-campus, and meet people that way as well. Learning from someone more established is also a fantastic way to test the waters in a field of interest, and in that sense, get to know yourself better!

Exercise the Mind

Students pursuing higher education are presented with the opportunity to read books and listen to lectures of top experts in their fields. As a result, they gain advanced knowledge in areas that interest them most. This stimulation encourages individuals to think critically, question concepts, and explore new ideas, which allow for additional growth and development. Generally, college graduates have an edge in the job market over those who have just come out of high school. In recent years, seniors have also been going back to college to exercise their minds and to learn from new opportunities to help them as they grow older.

Open Up to More Job Opportunities

Finally, most people pursuing a college degree look forward to promising job prospects after graduating. The good news is that many recruiters in the United States now look for candidates that have experienced higher education. We have shifted from a manufacturing-based economy to a knowledge-based economy, which makes having a college education especially important these days. Regardless of what career field plan to commit to, you will likely benefit from going to college!

Get Well-Rounded

By experiencing things like being a part of a club, participating in a group study, taking a variety of courses, and continually enhancing your work ethic, you innately get to know yourself as an individual better.

More often than not, those entering their twenties without a clue on what they want to do for a living will develop a better sense of their “calling” after taking different classes that were not offered in high school. Some examples of such courses may include psychology, communications, sociology, business, and computer science, to name a few.

Many higher education students are also living away from home for the first time, and that independence and freedom allows them to try things they didn’t feel totally comfortable doing in their high school years. New discoveries could lead to new passions and potential career paths after college!


With the global economy becoming increasingly competitive, going to college is a smart way to give yourself the best chance at landing a stable, well-paying job. Gain a wealth of knowledge and experience that you would never receive if you decided to skip higher education. You’ll be surprised at how much personal development you will experience, too!