25 Free Web Apps to Manage Your College Search and Applications

Not only is the college application process competitive, it is stressful and often disappointing. But, compared to a decade ago, student applicants today have a wide variety of tools available to them to help them stand out to the colleges of their choices. In this list of 25 free Web apps that you can use to manage your college search and applications, you will find full-service Web sites, simple search sites, application essay help and sites that contain actual applications for colleges and for the college financial aid process.

All the links below are listed in alphabetical order within categories to make it easy for you to gain access to these sites. The luxury behind using Web apps is that you can gain access to these sites from just about any computer. Most of the sites allow you to save your searches as well as incomplete applications so you can return to them later to finish your work.

Full Service

  1. CollegeBoardCollege Board: Use MatchMaker to generate a list of colleges that match your preferences in this search. Use QuickFinder to research a college that you already have in mind. This site offers a wide variety of information, links, articles and advice on how to make you college search more productive.
  2. CollegeConfidentialCollege Confidential: Here you’ll find hundreds of pages of articles about choosing a college, getting into the college you want, how to pay for it, and much more. Search, learn about college admissions and decide how you might pay for college.
  3. CollegeDATACollege Data: This is an online college advisory service provided for students and their parents by 1st Financial Bank. You can Choose, prepare, apply and pay for college with these advice and tools.
  4. CollegeNETCollegeNET: You can search for colleges, set up your own board to explore resources and apply to weekly drawings for scholarships at this site for college students.
  5. CollegeToolKitCollegeToolKit: Use this site to help you with every step of your college application process. Search for colleges, scholarships and loans and read articles about careers.
  6. CollegeViewCollegeView: This site contains a college search, information about financial aid, tools for the application process and as well as a college recruiting service. They help to bring educational and corporate recruiters together with the college-bound students they want to reach.
  7. EdRefEdRef College Search Directory: Get free detailed information on thousands of US colleges, universities, and post-secondary trade schools. School info includes admission requirements, degrees & majors, contact info, test scores, student diversity, religious affiliations, athletics, tuition expenses, etc.
  8. MyCollegeCalendarMy College Calendar: This site provides a college search, college admission information, a calendar so you can keep track of your college admission goals and information about college financing and residences.

Applications Apps

  1. FAFSAFAFSA: Every college student should apply for government loans, grants and scholarships. This is the one-stop shop where you can get this work accomplished. Additionally, once you’ve filled out all the forms, you can indicate which school you want to receive the information.
  2. FinAIDFinAid: This is another great financial application tool for college students. Apply for loans, scholarships, savings plans, and look into military aid. This site also includes applications for aid.
  3. MoreThanGradesMore Than Grades: This free app is a web-based platform for students to create customized profiles for review by college admissions officers.
  4. CommonApplicationThe Common Application: Once completed online or in print, copies of the Application for Undergraduate Admission can be sent to any number of over 400 participating colleges.

College Essays

  1. 123HelpMe123 Help Me! Search for essays that are free, rated or unrated, term papers and research papers at this site. You’ll pay for better papers.
  2. PetersonsAdmissions Essay Writing Course: This free course provides an in-depth look at how to write a college essay for your application. It is offered by Peterson’s EssayEdge. They supply editing services for a fee.
  3. Admissions EssaysAdmissions Essays: For over a decade this company has been committed to helping applicants create the most powerful and effective essays to ensure that they stand out from the crowd when applying to the schools of their choice. Free essays are available.
  4. ErraticImpactApplication Essay Writing 101: The course contains six lessons and over 100 pages of content. Each of the lessons should help you with a different portion of the essay for your college application.
  5. GradeSaverGradeSaver: While GradeSaver offers high-quality study guides, they also provide literature essays and school papers. They have been mentioned in several national newspapers for their free essays and sample essays.
  6. MyChancesMy Chances: Get free essay feedback from over 25,000 current students and enjoy the college application predictions — will you be accepted? This site was created by Yale and Standford graduates.


  1. CampusCompareCampus Compare: Discover 4000 community colleges, state colleges, traditional colleges, universities, and more. Dive into the College Current to see college videos, student reviews, and college information on Twitter.
  2. CappexCappex: Create a free profile and see which colleges fit your college dreams, your financial position and your grade levels. Colleges that are interested in you can contact you through this site.
  3. CollegeQuestCollege Quest: CollegeQuest is a unique college search service provided at no cost to prospective students. You can talk with advisors who can help you find the right college, university or certification program for your goals, schedule and lifestyle.
  4. GetEducatedGet Educated: Find degrees and compare colleges with this tool. You also can get expert advice on financial aid, careers and diploma mills.
  5. MyUSearchmyUSearch: myUsearch is an unbiased online resource dedicated to objectively matching students with colleges and providing fair and accurate college enrollment information. Fill out an application and the site will match you up with various colleges.
  6. Private Colleges and UniversitiesPrivate Colleges and Universities: This college search allows you to view information from over 4,000 colleges and universities and directly request information from all of our member schools.
  7. International EducationThe International Education Site: Use this site to find free study abroad information, advice and opportunities. This site also includes a universal application.