RIAA vs. College Students: File Sharing Lawsuit Statistics (Infographic)


How many people has the RIAA sued for sharing copyrighted content? We may never know. In February 2006, the RIAA stopped reporting the number of copyright infringement lawsuits it has filed. As of that date, 17,587 people had been sued. Despite all their efforts, RIAA has still lost on a large scale and most people who illegally download music still don’t care about copyright laws. Nowhere else is this attitude more prevalent than in college. College-aged men and women continue to download music at startling rates. Campuses all around the country, from expensive Ivy League schools, to less expensive state institutions are dealing with increased pressure from the RIAA to catch students illegally downloading. Here is a visual look at RIAA’s war against college students who share files online.

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The RIAA vs. College Students