Cheapest Online Colleges of 2015: Affordable Schools

Studying out of state is an exciting opportunity. Our free database helps make it affordable! Find the lowest out of state tuitions with the chart below. Click to rearrange the college list by state, school size and other factors. Our college database includes more than 3000 public and private colleges, universities and trade schools in the USA.

Why is out of state tuition sometimes expensive? Tuition is cheapest for state residents because state schools receive state taxpayers’ money. For “outsiders” a school adds anywhere from $0 to many thousands per year. (At the high end is the University of Virginia, which adds about $30,000/year in tuition and fees!) We help you find great schools with small tuition gaps.

Remember your “bonus states” while looking for the lowest out of state tuition. Sometimes neighboring states make tuition agreements, giving each other’s residents in-state prices or their lowest out of state tuition rates. Scroll down for examples.

Extra for beneath the chart:

Tips for Getting the Lowest Tuition

1. Find State-To-State Deals

Cross the border for low tuition! State schools often let residents of neighboring states pay in-state tuition. In other cases they guarantee their lowest out-of-state cost to people in the region. Here are three top examples.