Cheapest Online Colleges of 2015: Affordable Schools

Institution Name City Out-of-State Cost Distance Learning? Net Cost Website
Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute Albuquerque $0 Yes $9,966 Visit Site
United States Merchant Marine Academy Kings Point $0 Yes $3,972 Visit Site
San Bernardino Valley College San Bernardino $0 Yes $6,970 Visit Site
College of Charleston Charleston $70 Yes $15,818 Visit Site
Citadel Military College of South Carolina Charleston $410 Yes $15,218 Visit Site
Janus University Newport Beach $533 Yes N/A
Panola College Carthage $600 Yes $9,172 Visit Site
Dine College Tsaile $720 Yes $8,175 Visit Site
Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Martinsburg $888 Yes $8,856 Visit Site
Instituto Tecnologico de Puerto Rico-Recinto de Ponce Ponce $1,100 Yes $3,337
Rio Grande Bible Institute Edinburg $1,120 Yes N/A Visit Site
Palo Verde College Blythe $1,288 Yes $8,308 Visit Site
Porterville College Porterville $1,288 Yes $2,824 Visit Site
Shepherd University Shepherdstown $1,300 Yes $11,079 Visit Site
New Mexico Junior College Hobbs $1,440 Yes $8,396 Visit Site
Dodge City Community College Dodge City $1,530 Yes $8,426 Visit Site
Wharton County Junior College Wharton $1,536 Yes $3,823 Visit Site
Allen County Community College Iola $1,600 Yes $6,059 Visit Site
Clarendon College Clarendon $1,752 Yes $6,086 Visit Site
Neosho County Community College Chanute $1,768 Yes $7,401 Visit Site
Turtle Mountain Community College Belcourt $1,776 Yes N/A Visit Site
South Plains College Levelland $1,776 Yes $5,321 Visit Site
Broward College Fort Lauderdale $1,810 Yes $8,342 Visit Site
Cisco College Cisco $1,832 Yes $7,233 Visit Site
Pratt Community College Pratt $1,920 Yes $6,932 Visit Site

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