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Maine is home to 30 accredited schools that offer two-year degrees, bachelor degrees and/or graduate training. Seven of these are community colleges. The typical Maine college is small but highly competitive; Maine’s educational opportunities are well-respected by academics and employers nationwide.
Interested in crossing state lines? The Regional Student Program helps make out-of-state schooling affordable. It includes all community colleges, four-year colleges and universities in Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. If a degree program isn’t available in Maine, then you can take it in another New England state without paying the usual out-of-state tuition and fees.

Maine Colleges Overview

Here’s an overview of the Maine college landscape to guide your search.

  • Public colleges: Maine’s public universities are all in the University of Maine System. The UMaine System includes seven universities and the Maine Naval Academy.
  • Community colleges: The Maine Community College System has seven schools that are all well-maintained. The Foundation for Maine’s Community Colleges helps ensure high quality levels for instruction, technology and student services. A Dual Enrollment program makes it possible for high school students to get a head start on college credits.
  • Private colleges: A diverse collection, Maine’s private colleges include liberal arts schools, Christian colleges, and colleges focused on art and media.
  • State Academy: Maine has one state-operated training academy, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. This school is for current and prospective law enforcement officers.

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Maine Facts and Education Statistics

Learn more about Maine with these education statistics and other facts.

  • Maine is a safe place to attend college. Maine is consistently one of America’s most peaceful states. It has very low levels of violent crime and property crime.
  • Maine babies get a college boost. Babies in Maine are welcomed to the world with $500 for college. This is thanks to the Harold Alfond College Challenge fund. The money must be spent on school but isn’t restricted to Maine colleges. Possibly related to this encouragement, Maine has one of the highest high school graduation rates in America (86% in 2013).
  • Many college graduates stay in Maine. About half of Maine’s college students remain in-state after graduation. These graduates most often work in healthcare, education, government and social services. The students most likely to find work elsewhere are focused on business and technology.
  • The economy is diverse. Maine relies on a variety of industries. Manufacturing and healthcare are especially strong. Mining is a big industry too, with gold and quartz among the top treasures. This state is also known as a food producer. Maple syrup, blueberries and seafood are some of the best-known exports.
  • Bears are beloved. The Black Bear is the official mascot of the University of Maine. This decision came about in 1914 when a man brought a bear cub along to a football game. An estimated 30,000 Black Bears make Maine forests their home. Maine, by the way, is about 80% forestland.
  • Maine is “the vacation state.” Officially it’s “The Pine Tree State” but Maine is informally nicknamed for being a favorite holiday destination. People are drawn by the Atlantic coastline, classic European-style architecture, charming towns and forested parks. Water sports are a popular draw too; Maine has about 6000 lakes and ponds. It also has about 3000 small islands not far from shore. Study hard and then reward yourself with Maine’s unique perks.

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